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                  (No this is not painted silver.  It is a new bare RTR truck ready to ship)

Our side frames and bolsters are made of high quality Gray Iron and cast at one of the largest high production ISO 9001 foundries in the mid-west.  They cast our products along with those for Catepillar, John Deere, General Motors and Ford. Quality as well as speed is what we wanted and that is what they deliver.  We pay a premium for that service and therefore our trucks cost more than other suppliers but we are happy to make that investment to provide you with high quality trucks delivered to you immediately.  You order them, we ship them, simple as that. There is no waiting for the foundry to produce our parts. 

We turned to a maker of small scale model railroad accessories for the developement of a realistic rotating bearing cap that not only rotates and looks like the prototype, but is also engineered so that it does not rub the side frame when the truck is articulating over severely uneven track.  The caps are made to be sacrificial by design and will not damage the end of the axle or side frame if in anyway should a situation occur where the bearing cap is struck by another object.  The mold for this bearing cap cost us as much as the mold for the side frame, but was well worth it.  

Our steel wheels and axles are CNC machined along with our castings by a contracted high quality high production machine and engineerng firm that also serves the Automotive, Electronic, Medical and Aerospace Industries.  The firm is familiar with our hobby and therefore they know what is important to us.  Everything is machined and fabricated according to IBLS Standards. Our 1" axles and wheels are machined from shaft steel material not cold rolled steel. These trucks are for
7 1/2" Gauge track.

Our spring pack consists of  7 springs in each side frame.  We designed a laser cut spring retainer plate that holds all seven spring in place at all times.  The center spring in the pack is considered to
be a snubber spring.  A snubber spring can be modified by the owner by placing a solid steel pin inside of the spring to stop the spring pack from completely bottoming out. One example of the use of a snubber spring is when the trucks are installed on a ballast car hauling hundreds of pounds of
ballast.  The snubber spring and pin will not let the car body get below a minimum height to keep a
grader blade mounted on the ballast car from ridng directly on the rail head.  The length of the 
snubber pin would have to be determined by the owner as necessary. The snubber spring also keeps pressure down on the spring retention plate to keep it centered in the sideframe.
The laser cut spring retention plate keeps the bottom of the springs in line and keeps the bottom of the springs from trying to "walk" off the base plate during heavy loading of the car and articulation of the truck while in motion.  No more looking for lost springs along the track.

                                      BSC MODERN ROLLER BEARING TRUCK 

         SCALE:                        1.5" to one foot
         TRACK GAUGE:         7 1/2 "  (maybe 7 1/4" later)
         OVERALL WIDTH:     12.344"  (Bolster tip and spring seat ledge tip included)
         OVERALL LENGTH:   12.734" (wheel flanges included)
         OVERALL HEIGHT:    4.5"      (wheel flanges included)     
                                              (3 5/8" top of rail to top of bolster)

         WEIGHT :                    60 POUNDS PER PAIR
         BEARINGS:                 6001 RS Sealed Roller Bearings 
         AXLES:                        1" - CNC from hardened shaft steel
         WHEELS:                     4.5" diameter - CNC from hardened shaft steel to IBLS standards
         BRAKES:                     None  (to be offered later - side frames are brake ready)
         SIDEFRAMES:             Cast Iron Class 25 BHN 170-229  25,000 PSI Min. Tensile Strength
         BOLSTER:                   Cast Iron  Class 25 BHN 170-229  25,000 PSI Min. Tensile Strength   
         FLEXIBILITY:              One wheel up or down 5/8" 

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1.5" - 1/8th scale Modern Roller Bearing Freight Trucks

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Modeled after no particular prototype present day truck this truck looks great on any freight car style. 

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